Invisible Tattoos: Digital Album

Invisible Tattoos
By Farida Momtaz
Digital Album
Price: £7.00

Invisible Tattoos is a collection of twelve distinctive poems that depict the beauty and darkness of the human experience through words and music…

Described as ‘Poetic Stories,’ each poem uses clever wordplay, thought provoking lyrics and a story-telling style, to explore a range of subject matters such as social inequality, the challenges of contemporary culture, and the timeless topics of love, heartbreak and inner conflict. The art of poetry is used to discuss history, politics, economy, culture and how this is intertwined with our identity.

Invisible Tattoos will take you on an emotive roller coaster of highs and lows. Delving into the darker side of life and examining the complex world of emotions and encounters, this album provides a social commentary of the unheard voices of multi-cultural society, while touching on the subjects that make us all human and unlike anything else on this planet. This unique collection of poems will undoubtedly leave an imprint on your mind…