Review: ‘Buro Shaliker Gharey Ro (There is no fool like an old fool)’

‘Buro Shaliker Gharey Ro (There is no fool like an old fool)’ is about a Hindu landlord called Bhaktoprashad who believes himself to be superior because of his devout religious convictions. However secretly he lusts after young women, and in particular his poor Muslim tenants wife. Bhaktoprashad’s arrogance leads to a series of events that exposes the contradictions between his superficial saintliness and his immoral behaviour. The play explores how his ignorant mindset of superiority and uncontrollable desires lead to his downfall.

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Review: Opening night of ‘A Season of Bangla Drama’

‘My Saree’s Story- Amar Sarir Golopo’ and ‘Rapture’


On Thursday night I attended the opening night of ‘A Season of Bangla Drama.’ This unique drama festival promises to showcase the best new talent in theatre, dance and music in London’s East End, by using powerful performances, walks, talks and exhibitions. The festival started in 2003 in order to fill a gap in the market and exhibit the Bengali culture in the UK. It is now in its 13th year and will provide a platform for 16 productions over 16 nights.

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Welcome to Farida’s World

‘Words can paint a thousand pictures and evoke a million different emotions…’

Farida Momtaz


This is my first blog post and I just want to start by saying thank you for being here and immersing yourself in my words. Welcome to my world…

My name is Farida Momtaz and I am an Asian British Writer and Poet from North London. I started this blog because I love writing and I wanted a space to express my thoughts, feelings and experiences without any restrictions. As a writer there is usually always a theme attached to my work, but this blog is simply about voicing anything that I desire to share…

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