Brexit: The misinformed protest of a marginalised and incensed society…

Written on June 23rd 2016

Today is a historic and sorrowful day. It is the day that the United Kingdom became a divided nation…

I acknowledge that there are some major issues on this small island of ours, and that there needs to be change. ‘Broken Britain’ is not simply a proverb but an actual reality. Society is struggling, it’s falling apart and its resources are being exhausted. There have been cuts to our NHS, Police, education, social care and national defence. Living costs have become higher, social deprivation has become more familiar and dreams of owning a home have become almost impossible. We have sold the Royal Mail, while adopting food banks, and our public transport fees have continued to increase annually whilst still being unable to cope with a simple change in weather conditions.

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Review: Opening night of ‘A Season of Bangla Drama’

‘My Saree’s Story- Amar Sarir Golopo’ and ‘Rapture’


On Thursday night I attended the opening night of ‘A Season of Bangla Drama.’ This unique drama festival promises to showcase the best new talent in theatre, dance and music in London’s East End, by using powerful performances, walks, talks and exhibitions. The festival started in 2003 in order to fill a gap in the market and exhibit the Bengali culture in the UK. It is now in its 13th year and will provide a platform for 16 productions over 16 nights.

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